The Inevitable Happened

Hoping to help spread the word about this organizations needs so they can help even more victims of sexual trafficking or sexual exploitation.

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The Inevitable Happened – A message from our founder, Deidre Lhamon.

Staff member. “Sometimes my job stinks.”

I understood immediately what she meant.

I knew the day would come when we would have to turn girls away from our Long Term Therapeutic Home, but I didn’t think it would be so soon.

Within a 24 hour period last week, we received 3 calls for placement. One was a 12 year old who had been forced to strip in a club and another a 13 year old whose trauma started at the age of 11.

The reason we had to turn these 3 girls away is because they aren’t in state custody.

Let me explain. Currently, Covering House has only 5 beds. We have designated 2 of those beds for private placement. Private placement is when either a parent, the courts, or a juvenile officer refers to us.

The good news…

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