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Here’s the official bio I send out for speaking engagements and such: 
Lisa Womble is co-pastor and founder of The Merge, a coffeehouse/church/concert venue in St. Louis, MO. Lisa formerly served on the faculty of St. Louis Christian College, where she taught courses such as “Small Group Dynamics” and “Expository Speaking.” She received her Master of Divinity from Lincoln Christian Seminary and is a certified Grip-Birkman coach.

Through the use of the Grip-Birkman and other assessment tools, Lisa helps people discover their spiritual gifts, personalities, intellectual styles, vocational aptitudes and motivators. Lisa is passionate about this part of her work and says, “Though there is a difference between spiritual gifts and inborn talents, both are part of God’s design, indicating how he wants to use us and has wired us to be most effective. It is a joy to help others see how they are fearfully and wonderfully made.” In addition to personalized life coaching, Lisa has worked with churches, corporations and non-profits for staff development and team-building. “I was honored recently to facilitate a staff retreat for a local branch of the Make-A-Wish foundation. I love knowing that the work I do helps others go out and do great things with renewed passion and increased effectiveness.”

Besides all that “official” stuff, you might want to know:

  • I’m working on a book with a friend of mine who is in the Federal Witness Protection Program (we’re outing him). It’s a wonderful story of redemption I can’t wait to have told.
  • I’m married (30 years) and have two grown children.
  • I love to dabble in painting, drawing and various other art forms.
  • I take comfort in the quote, “Every artist was first an amateur,” by Ralph Waldo Emerson.
  • I sing and have incorporated that into my speaking gigs whenever it seems fitting.
  • I love to go on labyrinth walks.
  • I’m a recovering workaholic.
  • When I need inspiration, I usually go to Oswald Chambers, CS Lewis, or Anne LaMott.

11 thoughts on “About Lisa

  1. Hi, Lisa. I just got a strange email message from WordPress, and clicked to find out more. It seems you didn’t have my actual blog address. Here it is: http://tellingthetruth1993.wordpress.com. Sorry to send it this way, but I didn’t have an email contact. The blog is public. The private site they referred to in the email message isn’t actually my blog address. Strange and stranger….


  2. Lisa, you’ve been a busy woman (but I knew that, in general, already)! Can I say I knew you when? ‘Love your blog — I’ll be reading (oh, and commenting).


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