The Inevitable Happened

Hoping to help spread the word about this organizations needs so they can help even more victims of sexual trafficking or sexual exploitation.

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The Inevitable Happened – A message from our founder, Deidre Lhamon.

Staff member. “Sometimes my job stinks.”

I understood immediately what she meant.

I knew the day would come when we would have to turn girls away from our Long Term Therapeutic Home, but I didn’t think it would be so soon.

Within a 24 hour period last week, we received 3 calls for placement. One was a 12 year old who had been forced to strip in a club and another a 13 year old whose trauma started at the age of 11.

The reason we had to turn these 3 girls away is because they aren’t in state custody.

Let me explain. Currently, Covering House has only 5 beds. We have designated 2 of those beds for private placement. Private placement is when either a parent, the courts, or a juvenile officer refers to us.

The good news…

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The Merge to Host Screening of When the Saints Documentary

Friday, July 11 @ 7:00 pm, The Merge will be hosting a screening for the When the Saints documentary.

When the Saints Film documents the story of one man’s mission to end sexual exploitation in the heart of Malawi, Africa, and his journey to discover that it begins in his own heart. Beautiful, honest, vulnerable, and wildly compelling, this story challenges us all to explore the unplumbed depths of our hearts. It calls us to care about justice for girls who are trafficked in rural Africa, and at the same time asks us to examine the ways we either dignify or exploit our brothers and sisters. Both thought provoking and universal, this film is a powerful tool to rally the saints with a greater cry for purity.

Take a look at the movie trailer.