GO – Day 10 of The One Word Devotional

Today’s word is GO.

There are many things you can do to “process” this word today:

Think on it.

Look it up in Scripture if you choose. An easy way to look up biblical texts on the topic is to go to biblegateway.com and do a search on the word.

Discuss it with others.

Google it.

I’m sure you can think of others. Whatever you choose to do to process this word today, please check back in at the end of the day and let’s have a discussion about your thoughts, experiences, etc.

To see the introduction and table of contents for The One Word Devotional Series, click here. Remember, for this series, the actual devotional thoughts are found in the comments.

5 thoughts on “GO – Day 10 of The One Word Devotional

  1. The word “go”, reminds me always of the great commission. I’ve listen to many people argue over whether or not that is the main word of the scripture. I ended up in the “disciples camp” over the “go camp”. Still the importance of going cannot be denied. No disciples can happen without first going.

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    • The Great Commission was also in my mind when I chose the word for the day, Abi. I’m glad one single word can remind us so quickly of our mission.

      I’ve also been thinking about Abraham today. How often we feel like God says, “Go” to us but other than that the instructions seem vague. It’s so hard not to be “paralyzed” in such times and refuse to move forward unless we discern more specifics from God. I wonder how much we miss out on due to our hesitation?


      • My first thought, too, was the Great Commission. Funny, but when I went to BibleGateway to see what other verses there may be with this word I was shocked to find that the word “GO” doesn’t show up ANYWHERE in the Bible in King James, NIV, or ESV versions!

        Since we all know of this verse, where did the ‘GO’ come from?

        My second thought was more of a ‘just do it’ kind of perspective. Life has been a bit challenging for me of late, and I often feel like God is telling me to ‘just go….’ followed by:
        and get out of bed…
        and do the laundry…
        and get to the grocery store…
        and start supper…
        and relax for a while….

        He’s been there for me each step of each day and helped prod me to do the things that need to be done, otherwise I think I might have just stayed in bed! I’m so thankful that we have a God who cares about us each day and in each task we undertake.


        • Your thoughts reminded me of a time I was walking a labyrinth and praying. It was about a week before my sister passed away. As I was walking the circuit, I started repeating the phrase “every single step” – each word, one at a time, as I took a step – EVERY. SINGLE. STEP. After following that pattern for several minutes, I started adding something after each round of the phrase …
          Every single step – You are with me.
          Every single step – You love me.
          Every single step – I am in Your care.
          Every single step – You lead me.
          Every single step – can take me closer to where You lead.
          And so on it went.

          That time of prayer came back to me many times after Janell died. As you related, I too found some days the simple, single step might have been just to get out of bed. Or, strangely enough, even to just get to sleep. But the thought that He was with me in each step, no matter how seemingly insignificant, helped me continue on.

          Whether a step is just one more in a long journey, or the final one that gets us to the destination, every single step is important. A single step is still propelling us onward.

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          • Oh yeah, and as a side note … Of course, I had to check out the Bible Gateway thing. It is weird that nothing comes up when you search the word, but if you go to the text (Mt. 28:19) the word “go” is in every translation I checked. Weird glitch.

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