LAUGHTER – Day 9 of The One Word Devotional

Today’s word is LAUGHTER.

There are many things you can do to “process” this word today:

Think on it.

Look it up in Scripture if you choose. An easy way to look up biblical texts on the topic is to go to and do a search on the word.

Discuss it with others.

Google it.

I’m sure you can think of others. Whatever you choose to do to process this word today, please check back in at the end of the day and let’s have a discussion about your thoughts, experiences, etc.

To see the introduction and table of contents for The One Word Devotional Series, click here. Remember, for this series, the actual devotional thoughts are found in the comments.

7 thoughts on “LAUGHTER – Day 9 of The One Word Devotional

  1. Laughter is an element of harmony. Says the woman who watches way too much children’s television. However, knowing that fact has altered my view of laughter. I see it in a much more positive light. I used to see as a frivolous thing, more so. Now its magic.

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  2. I could use a little of Abi’s magic right now. Out most of the day, just home, sad email message from a friend and–for the first time today I’ve checked in to see the word for the day! God’s timing?

    The first thing I know about myself and laughter is that if I’m able to laugh at myself I’m in a good place. Not self-conscious, but in the moment. Enjoying the present. Not concerned with what people think about me, how I look, or even whether it’s OK to laugh right now. Taking myself seriously is a blessing and a curse. Laughing at myself helps even things out because it means I’m just whoever I am in the moment–not trying to make an impression or be ‘correct and proper,’ or pretend to be someone I am not. For me, it can be a sign of freedom–freedom to be the human being I am. Not God and not someone else. Just myself. Sometimes silly and ridiculous, and always God’s beloved daughter.


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  3. It is easy to read the Gospels and see Jesus as a serious, focused kind of person. But several years ago I saw a video portrayal of the Gospels, and I specifically remember the part where Peter steps out of the boat and walks on water. As he starts to sink, Jesus is laughing as he says Oh you of little faith. Giggling almost! Ever since that time, I think of times when Jesus would laugh — at Zaccheus sitting in a tree, as Peter pulls a coin out of a fish’s mouth, as parents are juggling to get their children close to him for a blessing, at the men who cut a hole in the roof of Peter’s home…so many times.

    God created us in his image, and we laugh! I bet he even giggled a bit when he saw Adam and Eve trying to cover themselves with leaves, as we can giggle behind our hands when a child misbehaves and tries to cover it up.

    Yes, God is someone to fear and revere, but he is also the creator of all things — even the platypus and the playful dolphins. How can we think he doesn’t have a sense of humor! Praise God that he laughs at me more often than he punishes me as he could.

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