Please tell me something good a Christian has done for you.

Tonight I am tired. I am tired of Christians bashing fellow Christians. I understand we have differences. And I believe we need to have difficult discussions sometimes in order to hold each other accountable. I believe in the process of “iron sharpening iron.” And I believe in exposing any sin that manifests itself amongst us (for we all sin).

“If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.” 1 John 1:8 (ESV)

What I am tired of, though, is how it seems like many Christians cannot approach their disagreements without making each other the enemy. I am tired of the fact that this makes me feel cynical. I am very tired of seeing these things play out in a way that makes younger Christians I’m trying to mentor become cynical. And I’m tired of the poor taste this leaves in the mouths of non-Christians – not just towards Christians, but towards our Christ.

Much more could be said on this matter. Perhaps I should write a Bible study in the future. But for tonight, I’m just too tired.

As I was driving home from work tonight, feeling cynical and discouraged, I had to correct my self-talk. I had to remind myself that there are MANY good Christian people out there who are doing loving things for people.

In an environment filled with people pointing out others’ wrongs, can we take a minute to point out some of the good we see fellow Christians doing? PLEASE, post your positive examples here for all to see as I’m sure there are others like me who need to be reminded.

3 thoughts on “Please tell me something good a Christian has done for you.

  1. Last fall when we both lost our jobs and were looking at a holiday season with no income we received multiple surprise gifts from “anonymous” christian friends including 2 turkeys, a full box of holiday groceries, purchases from my business, and even a couple of $100+ checks. We never once went hungry or went without. It was beautiful and taught us to continue to trust in the Lord.

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  2. Don’t even know where to begin! Christians have been patient with me while I was learning what Christianity was about. They have ‘been’ there for me SO many times even though I haven’t ‘been’ there for them. They have loved on my children, prayed for me, listened to my heart, protected me, and brought me meals. They have loved me when I’m most unlovable. And the things I’ve seen them do for others! Befriending homeless people (so much more important than just giving a blanket), adopting orphans, showing up to provide support at just the right time, given money to people they don’t know, given time, and so much more. Yes, we are selfish, broken, sometimes criticizing people, but you are right, Lisa, so many give much more than they take.

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