How Do You Celebrate Diversity?

The Encourager’s Devotional Series is planned around a monthly theme with related posts every Wednesday according to this schedule:

  • Week 1 – main devotion
  • Week 2 – correlating Bible study
  • Week 3 – Bible study answer guide
  • Week 4 – monthly wrap-up with suggestions for application or any other additional material I’d like to bring in

So, what happens when we have a month with five Wednesdays? Well, I call that the “5th Wednesday Free-for-All.” Since the July Devotional theme was Freedom and Harmony (how to celebrate diversity while managing to get along), this month’s free-for-all question is …

How do you celebrate diversity?

2 thoughts on “How Do You Celebrate Diversity?

  1. Great question — and honestly, if I look at our lives, we don’t really celebrate diversity. In fact, we probably don’t really celebrate much at all. I could write about how we have integrated my MIL into the family (age diversity) or how we have friends who don’t look like us racially, but our life is pretty cookie-cutter. In the craziness of running high schoolers around, taking care of my MIL, and doing basic life things, we don’t take the time to ensure our world expands. Part of me says “I gotta work on this” but the majority of my says “I gotta get through today”. Not sure how to reconcile those.


    • There are different phases of life, that’s for sure Susan. In some, we can be more proactive and in others it’s enough to maintain the right attitude about diversity (which it looks like you are accomplishing). Never underestimate the powerful effect of passing on that attitude and sense of awareness to your children as well.


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