Uncharitable Conversations

How often have you found yourself listening to slander, gossip, or something untruthful and felt a sense of discomfort? This post has some great thoughts on how to respond.


St. Paul writes: “Contend not in words, for it is to no profit, but to the subversion of the hearers.” (2 Tm 2:14)

Concerning this perennial bane of social interaction, Padre Quadrupani remarks: “Disputes, sarcasm, bitter language, and intolerance for dissenting opinions, are the scourges of conversation.” In the following, he addresses the question of what to do when a conversation turns uncharitable.

“If you hear some evil spoken of your neighbor do not immediately become alarmed, as the matter may be true and quite public without your having been aware of it. Should you be quite certain that there is calumny or slander in the report, either because the evil told was false or exaggerated or because it was not publicly known, then, according to the place, the circumstances and your relations towards those present, say with moderation what appears most fitting to justify or excuse your neighbor. Or…

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