FREEDOM – Day 14 of The One Word Devotional

NOTE: Today is the final day in this two-week go around with The One Word Devotional Series. I’ll do another round sometime in the fall. Glad for all who have joined us for this two week series. Now, for today’s focus …

Today’s word is FREEDOM.

There are many things you can do to “process” this word today:

Think on it.

Look it up in Scripture if you choose. An easy way to look up biblical texts on the topic is to go to and do a search on the word.

Discuss it with others.

Google it.

I’m sure you can think of others. Whatever you choose to do to process this word today, please check back in at the end of the day and let’s have a discussion about your thoughts, experiences, etc.

To see the introduction and table of contents for The One Word Devotional Series, click here. Remember, for this series, the actual devotional thoughts are found in the comments.

8 thoughts on “FREEDOM – Day 14 of The One Word Devotional

  1. There are so many definitions of freedom and so much scripture about it as well. Christians, including myself, have sought freedom from sin, from oppression, from hatred of others. I’ve noticed in the few years (compared to some) of my life that in the hopes of being free that I have actually trifled and destroyed the freedom of others. I think of Peter trying to relate to both the Gentiles and the Jewish cultures to bring the freedom that is the Gospel. He struggled so much as to eventually being called a hypocrite by Paul. The true freedom that they had, that we have, is simple. We are to love one another as brothers and sisters in Christ. No law made by man can take that freedom away.

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  2. God gives humanity so much freedom. He even allows us to enslave ourselves to sin. He even gives us a way out of that slavery. Through Christ we are adopted as children. We listen to our Father God out of love and not punishment. To live in love is freedom.

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  3. You picked a tough one for the end! Here are a few thoughts.

    If Jesus Christ is the embodiment of true freedom, my freedom (in Christ) isn’t about making personal choices, but about a way of relating freely to God and to my neighbors. This means being who I am just as I am, not someone else; having a spirit of submission that embodies love, power and a sound mind–instead of fear; and allowing God to be God instead of idolizing myself or someone else–which keeps me and the other person in bondage to myself.

    When I think about Jesus Christ, his true freedom seems to be lived out by consistently choosing and accepting God’s mission for him, rather than agonizing about whether to obey or not. It wasn’t easy; yet it also seemed to be a decision already made (that his obedience would mean the cross) which he was 100% committed to keeping.

    Jesus also seems to be the only truly free human being–doing what we ‘choose’ not to do or cannot do, and refraining from doing what we seem unable to refrain from doing. All of this on our behalf. When I think about freedom as a follower of Jesus Christ, it seems the only truly ‘free’ choice is the choice to follow and accept what Jesus has done on my behalf. Anything other than that seems to be bondage.


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  5. What a great one so close to July 4! Freedom is one of those words that has been misused a lot — I think of Princess Bride and “I don’t think that word means what you think it means.”

    Freedom isn’t free (as the saying goes). Not just in the military/political sense, but in Christ I see freedom as being the ability to make any choice I want but the wisdom to be able to choose correctly. I am free to step right back into sin, but in doing so I actually give up a piece of my freedom.

    God knows I’m a rebellious soul since he designed me that way. He wants my loyalty by choice, and rewards me greatly for that – however that reward is frequently long term. I see the near term benefits of choices that aren’t best for me; I’m often blinded by them. But in that second before I decide, he provides a moment of freedom to choose what I know to be best in the long run.

    If he didn’t provide that opportunity, I would be a slave to either my sin or to his orders. I want to chose to be a slave to him, but it isn’t love on his part if he doesn’t offer the choice…over and over and over again.

    I may enslave myself in sin, but each morning has new mercies, and he again offers me the choice to make the best decision and choice. IN my mind that is an ultimate freedom!

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