Positioning Yourself to Hear

I went on a prayer walk in a beautiful garden. This particular prayer path (a labyrinth) winds around in a way that brings you past the same spot periodically, but with varying degrees of closeness and different points of view. So, I passed by the same small waterfall fountain several times. I began to notice that while I was on the backside of the fountain, even when I was only a few feet away from it, I could barely hear it at all. But when just a few more steps put me on the front side of the waterfall I could hear its beautiful, refreshing sound very clearly. I wrote the following in my journal: Same fountain at all times; it’s just my positioning which determines if I hear it and receive the peace-bringing, life-renewing sound of it.

I also wrote this prayer: Lord, help me to stay positioned with you in front of me and my face towards you that I might experience the fullness of what you bring to me and have an ear to hear what you might say to me.

Positioning Yourself to Hear

3 thoughts on “Positioning Yourself to Hear

    • Thank you, Elouise. It is a rare delight when my iPhone pictures turn out well. It usually occurs when I’m in one of my get-away places. My kids refuse to let me take any pictures at a social function. They always turn out blurry. I think it goes back to a quote I love from Jim Elliot – Wherever you are, be all there. When I’m being social, I’m focused on the activity/people and can’t seem to slow down, but when I’m in seclusion I’m focused on the more minute details (pun unintended but worked out nicely).


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